Baphoun temple | Tourist Attraction in Cambodia

Baphoun temple | Tourist Attraction in Cambodia, Baphoun is the temple was originally called Treiphuveakchonamony and later was known as Phounvan and then Phoun. The word Treiphouvan means someone who controls the three worlds. Cambodian usually call the temple Bapoun. The word poun in English mean hide.
Baphoun temple is west of the road to the Dei Chhang gate and near the Bayon temple. The templewas builtin the 11th century, around 1060 by King Udayadityavarman II (AD 1050-1066), dedicating to Brahmanism. A highlight of the temple is the bas-reliefs, which differ from most others as they are vignettes varved in small stone squares set one above the other on the temple walls, similar to tiling. Unfortunately few of these are visible because of poor state of the temple.
Baphoun is single temple-mountain sanctuary situated on a high base symbolizing Mount Meru. A rectangular sand-stones wall measuring 425 by 124 meters encloses the temple. A special feature is the 200 meters long elevated eastern approach supported by three rows of short, round columns forming a bridge to the main temple. Originally, a central tower shrine with four porches crowned. The peak, but it collapsed long ago. The first, second and third levels are surrounded by concentric sandstone galleries.

Buddha laying on west of Baphoun temple wall.

Surrounding temple and broken stones.

Big Buddha on the wall of temple.

West side of temple

Buddha head

The columns of temple bridge

People life

The bridge enter to Baphoun temple

Temple at the corner


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